UI/UX Design

VG Infotec specializes in UI/UX development services for your websites, apps, and portals. A picture speaks a thousand words and communicates with a viewer ten times quicker than text. UI/UX is correspondingly detrimental to a website’s success because an end-visitor might not choose to browse through a website that does not have an up-to-date UI/UX. Our UI/UX development services deliver a winning edge for your websites.

Through the current times, it has become a must for businesses to ensure that the UI/UX of their websites and apps is the best in the class. An easy-to-use and intuitive UI/UX makes it easier to target your default customer profile. Your website becomes utilitarian even for an end-consumer who is not digital-savvy. 

An important perk of having an up-to-date UI/UX is that Google rewards the websites that promote a positive browsing experience through ease of navigation with higher SERPs. UI/UX hence yields higher SEO rankings for your website.

VG Infotec: The best avenue for custom UI/UX development services

All UI/UX interfaces that we create are unique and the best fit for client requirements. Through the current times, internet users are spoilt for choices and the competition that prevails is significant. If the UI/UX does not delight the end-user, he may choose to take your competitors’ services.

When the UI/UX of your website is attractive, it makes your website come by as reliable and delivers more sales, leads, and business.

In terms of UI/UX, a one size fits all approach may not suffice, and a UI/UX should come by as a true reflection of a brand. At VG Infotec, our services are focused on the same. All UI/UX that we create for client websites are domain-specific, based upon their services and the default customer profile that they are targeting.

All elements of a UI/UX interface that we create are 100% personalized for each client and each project. This includes primary and secondary color schemes used for creating the websites, fonts, typographies, and navigation elements. Each of the design elements over a website is intended towards keeping the end customer engaged, and the CTAs are also strategically placed such that they deliver maximum sales.

Consistent design schemes throughout the website

At VG Infotec, we always make sure that the branding elements stay consistent throughout the website. This not just simplifies the browsing experience for the endclient, but makes it easier for them to associate with your brand. 

Mobile-first approach

All UI/UX solutions that we make available for our clients are created on the mobile-first approach because a vast majority of search engine interactions nowadays take place over mobile devices. A 100% responsive UI/UX design ensures that your customers can use the websites on the go. We specialize in all technologies for creating a responsive web design, including HTML5 and CSS3. 

A responsive web design ensures that the content always stays legible for the end customer irrespective of the device used for accessing the website or the screen size that it is accessed over. There’s a tradeoff between the legible size of the content, the screen size, and the images or other design elements over a webpage. The content elements align themselves vertically on priority, based upon the user-defined screen resolution over which a website visitor views your website. Similarly, CTA buttons on your website always stay large enough to be clickable over the mobile devices, irrespective of the resolution it is viewed upon.

UI/UX Design Services for eCommerce websites

At VG Infotec, we specialize in creating user-friendly and intuitive UI/UX designs for your eCommerce store, which bring success to your web mall. As your consumer can easily make a purchase over your online store, it results in higher sales and conversions, while customer retention simplifies. Broken shopping carts are also fewer. A UI/UX design that we create for an eCommerce store invariably features state-of-the-art navigation. 

Concept and Service Design

VG Infotec is your preferred agency for UI/UX design services. We do not limit our services to individual touchpoints, but also consider how the touchpoints interact with one another. Concept and service design is one of our core areas of specialization, which transfers the focus to the system level. We are the finest vendor for coming up with the best in the class mobile apps, web apps, and websites.

Why choose us?

VG Infotec is a well-recognized agency for UI/UX design. We stay focused on the end-user experience and modern business requirements, and our best-in-the-class solutions are made available at the best prices in the industry. This makes us the prime choice for designing your web and mobile apps.

1. Higher customer satisfaction levels

We invariably used the best suited and the latest technologies and frameworks for creating new, secure, scalable, and user-friendly user interfaces based on your business requirements.

2. Agile methodology

We work in accordance with the Agile development methodology, wherein frequent scrum events for optimizing working methods and practices deliver the finest results for UI/UX design.

3. Dedicated Teams

We thrive in the proficiency of our UI/UX experts who are thorough with the top technologies and tools used for coming up with high-end business solutions.

4. Transparency and Integrity

All UI/UX design solutions that we create are entirely in sync with the customer requirements. We deliver the projects efficiently within the stipulated timelines and keep the client regularly updated on the project progress using tools such as Skype, email, and phonecalls. Changes can be introduced at any stage within the project. We never mind going that extra mile to achieve client satisfaction.

  • We've used VG Infotec for a number of projects over the last two years including the creation of a front end dashboard and website to give our clients an industry leading experience and we're currently working on an exciting app development project with the team.

  • Mukesh & VG team was an absolute pleasure to work with! He quickly understood the vision and needs of my company, and suggested and then custom built our custom CRM and created complex automations for our website. Him and his team are professional, quick, and efficient in their amazing work.

  • VG Infotec is quick, available 24*7 and automated my system, capable to understand any concept, great work done Recommend to all.

  • Team VG Infotec is energetic and they can conquer anything. Starting from our aws server to voice calls and video calls with amazing admin panel and CRM, we got extraordinary software services and server infrastructure setup by this amazing team. They are available 24*7 for all short of critical operation when it comes to live system. Apart form many good things, the most I like is, developers team took my work as their own and as end results I got amazing system. I'm absolutely happy and recommend team VG to all.

  • VG Infotec kept working til I was satisfied. Even though I took a long time to review and made the project significantly longer they still worked really hard to complete a professional site. Over and above the technical experties and excellence VG Infotec has, VG Team have positive attitude and customer centric approach sets them apart from other developers I worked with so far. VG VG Infotec brings out best of their abilities and delivers more than 100% to the customer satisfaction. Something that most developers don't even think about. I'll come back to Mukesh again for all my upcoming work. I thank him for being such a great professional.