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If you are thinking to have online school document management system, you may be undervaluing  the importance of smart (LMS-ERP). An intellignet system can help you grow your revune by many folds.

 The field of education is an evergreen industry with aggressively expanding internet horizons. Education platforms are expanding from 0 to 1 in the blink of an eye just with outstanding content and database load balancing processes like round robin, Least connections, Least response time and IP hashing.

VCs and LPs are always bullish on this field more than any other field. Education institute these days has a lot of in-house activities that are done on school management websites or learning management system aka lms. With help of ERP and LMS you can always utilise that human hours and tremendous efforts in teachning quality improvement and education system strengthening . At VG Infotec, We have experience in designing and developing heavy loaded multi school management system for Australia, USA, India and African countries. 

Learning management system is a bridge between e-learning and education institutions. While automation is saving labor cost, we can use data Science, machine learning, AI and Deep Learning in order to have better decision making process with right business direction.

While each country has different education system and even methods, gamification is becoming part of system due to its easy to understand and student friendly practices. We do gamification with backend and frontend so that staff member should have excitement to do more things with high precision, high ordering format.

Features of Learning Management Systems.

1. Reporting and analytics 

Precise reporting & analytics can help you take quick decisions using real time data. In order to properly understand effectiveness of your learning management programs, our LMS is having highly custom reporting and analytics that align with your eLearning decision making objectives. Visual representations of students data and customisable education reports help trainers create better and better training programs by solving out specific pain points for learners. 

2. Video conferencing for online education & virtual online classrooms

At VG Infotec, we built a virtual classroom using Nginx, WebRTC, web socket installed on Ubuntu 18.04 64-bit OS running Linux kernel 4.x with TURN protocol (traversal using relays around NAT). Video conferencing tool where instructors/teachers and participants engage each other using voice, video and whiteboard facility. 

3. Auto white-lable Certification 

Certification at end of any course or task is headache as manual work, little appreciation even quick after task is part of education gamification of any complex task.

4. Automated alerts to students and instructors 

Learning management system aka LMS can easily automate important notifications like student entry notification(phone calls, texts, and emails), anti-bullying notification at school, emergency alert system for education institutes, report cards, school delays and school closing alerts, library or reading alert, fees reminder, sports classes alert, online class reminder calls and much more can be automated using modern easy to use learning management system.

5. Content management system

LMS content management system includes video lectures, slides, instructions and learning material files, in a user-friendly easy to access, centralised access point. CMS allow students and teachers to stay organized and provide consistency.

6. Mobile Ready system 

By using mobile ready LMS, we can leverage e-learning capabilities from all over the world, imagine your high quality education content help millions of learners get Jon done! mobile-ready system ensure learners have access to your outstanding education content all times and that institution have the capability to train their talent, no matter where they are in the world.

7. Assessment tools

LMS analytics and reports can help management track their learnerÕs study engagement, itÕs very important to also channelise retention and comprehension with understanding of tough and easy part of any course or study and that can be done by tools like exam assessment and test simulators. 

8. Exam

SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) is the only way to understand user engagement except exam. Our LMS is equipped with MCQ, Written answers, exam simulator and revision modules. LMS backend is connected with reports and results as well as hassle free automated certification system.

9. Hosting options and security

Students personal data and your valuable exam materials is your business valuation hence we set data security protocols to ensure your business's sensitive information, files and personal data is safe. Our all plans come with SSL, HTTPS, and CDN