ECommerce Marketplace Development

VG Infotec presents for you the finest of eCommerce web design and development services. Our web developers have elaborate work experience creating web malls behind them. With their varied and advanced skillsets, they create winning online stores across domains based on your business requirements. 

You can contact us for creating a basic web mall of a few pages that sell a few products across a few categories. We will create an aesthetic solution for your requirements that is a high performer across SEO parameters and operates securely, reliably, and flawlessly. You can also edit the store comfortably from the backend using a state-of-the-art CMS that we create for your business. An admin will not be required to have any knowledge of coding for editing the store from the backend. 

We also add in features for running special offers over your online mall, on occasions such as Diwali and Christmas.You can run Sales, highlight the bestselling products, or featured products to clock higher sales. Similarly,changing the background designs based on seasons and festivities is also simplified.

When creating an eCommerce mall, one of our prime areas of focus is to ensure the ease of navigation for the end customer. This ensures the finest end customer experience, as even more visitors are able to use your web mall comfortably.

We are the right point of contact for creating a web mall for all industries, including automotive, spare parts, gift shops, bookstores, retail goods, apparel and accessories, furniture, household goods, or digital services. We also create the finest of multi-page online malls that have elaborate products. They feature a clearly defined sitemap to simplify the ease of navigation for the end customer. This ensures that there are no broken links and the broken carts stay at an absolute minimum.

All eCommerce stores that we create are focused on ensuring an excellent end-user experience. The shopping cart and checkout options are available on all pages, which add to customer delight. Similarly, 3-step checkout and integration with multiple payment gateways bring more sales.

We add features for an end customer to create and manage his account. The fields such as delivery address auto-fill on each consecutive visit to your store, which make checking out a breeze for the end customer. A customer can also easily go through his prior purchases that are sequentially listed. This makes it easier to buy the purchased items again. 

From the backend, it is easy for a website admin to add categories and products, along with nicely chosen images and enticing product descriptions. He can also add an inventory count for the available products. So, an end customer can be sure about how many items can he purchase.

We also specialize in creating multi-seller eCommerce shops for our clients. Herein other sellers can also sell products at your store. As an admin, one can manage the profiles and product presentation from the backend.
All eCommerce stores that we develop are 100% responsive, which ensures that your customers can access your webshop on the go. This is a highly useful feature for your online shop, as a vast majority of search engine interactions take place over mobile devices. A responsive online store delivers a competitive edge for your brand. Our developers specialize in all technologies, including HTML5 and CSS3 which are used for creating a responsive eCommerce store.

End-to-end eCommerce development services

We are the right point of contact for end-to-end eCommerce services, including customizing existing themes, eCommerce portal development, web, and mobile app development, eCommerce store customization, creating an eCommerce store from scratch, and PSD to HTML conversion for an eCommerce store. We always deliver your projects within the stipulated timelines and deliver them after end-to-end testing to ensure that their performance stays high.

Our top eCommerce development services

Custom E-commerce Development

Custom eCommerce development is one of our core areas of specialization. Our proficient developers have detailed know-how about all trending eCommerce technologies and platforms, including CSS3, HTML5, PHP, WooCommerce, and Shopify.

Migrations and Upgradations

To fine-tune your store's performance, we upgrade your eCommerce platforms to the latest versions. Alternately, we also conduct a migration of your store to the best-suited platform.

Web and Mobile eCommerce

Among our core areas of specialization are mobile app development and eCommerce portal development.Contact us today, and we can come up with the best-in-the-class mobile app for your eCommerce business. 

UI/UX integration

We have expertise across each of the areas of eCommerce UI/UX integration. They include input control, informational components, navigational features for apps, portals, and websites help get more sales and business.

3rd Party API integration

3rd Party API integration is primarily done to popularize one’s store and accentuate the end-user experience. The end customer can then comfortably choose among the preferred service for delivery and the payment gateways. We specialize in reliable and seamless 3rd Party integrations using user-friendly resources that do not hamper a website's performance. Toolboxes, extensions, and plugins are among the important integrations that we do.

B2B, B2C & SaaS eCommerce solutions

We meet both, B2B and B2C eCommerce development requirements for our customers, and also integrate SaaS apps with your websites. B2B eCommerce involves fewer customers, many decision-makers, and elaborate catalogs.Similarly, by inducing reliability, security, and speed at prices significantly lower than the price of building a legacy software, SaaS eCommerce delivers a comprehensive solution for SMBs.

ECommerce application development

Ecommerce apps deliver rich outcomes for businesses because a majority of search engine interactions take place over mobile devices. We create both, iOS and Android apps for businesses that are attractive and high performers.They have flawless functionality and sending push notifications to the end customer is simplified.

Custom plugin and module development

We use the finest of modules and plugins to enhance the end customer experience. They make your website useful and informational in many ways. Based on client requirements, we also create extensions for a range of purposes for an eCommerce store, such as simplifying navigation, multilingualism, and accepting payments in varied currencies.

  • We've used VG Infotec for a number of projects over the last two years including the creation of a front end dashboard and website to give our clients an industry leading experience and we're currently working on an exciting app development project with the team.

  • Mukesh & VG team was an absolute pleasure to work with! He quickly understood the vision and needs of my company, and suggested and then custom built our custom CRM and created complex automations for our website. Him and his team are professional, quick, and efficient in their amazing work.

  • VG Infotec is quick, available 24*7 and automated my system, capable to understand any concept, great work done Recommend to all.

  • Team VG Infotec is energetic and they can conquer anything. Starting from our aws server to voice calls and video calls with amazing admin panel and CRM, we got extraordinary software services and server infrastructure setup by this amazing team. They are available 24*7 for all short of critical operation when it comes to live system. Apart form many good things, the most I like is, developers team took my work as their own and as end results I got amazing system. I'm absolutely happy and recommend team VG to all.

  • VG Infotec kept working til I was satisfied. Even though I took a long time to review and made the project significantly longer they still worked really hard to complete a professional site. Over and above the technical experties and excellence VG Infotec has, VG Team have positive attitude and customer centric approach sets them apart from other developers I worked with so far. VG VG Infotec brings out best of their abilities and delivers more than 100% to the customer satisfaction. Something that most developers don't even think about. I'll come back to Mukesh again for all my upcoming work. I thank him for being such a great professional.