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Robotic Process Automation

As an easy-to-use software technology, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) simplifies automating digital tasks. At VG Infotec, we specialize in creating high-performing, feature-rich, and versatile RPA solutions for our clients based on their custom requirements.

Our RPA services are deliv

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As an easy-to-use software technology, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) simplifies automating digital tasks. At VG Infotec, we specialize in creating high-performing, feature-rich, and versatile RPA solutions for our clients based on their custom requirements.

Our RPA services are delivered in the format of bots capable of executing rule-based business processes following learning and mimicking. We create the bots based upon human digital actions.

An RPA software bot that we develop at VG Infotec interacts with applications and systems in a similar way as humans do. But the RPA bots are quicker, reliable, and more precise. They stay operational 24/7.

We use RPA tools such as UiPath, Automation Anywhere, and Blue Prism for bot development. Our bot development and business process automation services are end-to-end. They include web automation, data automation, process automation, and business automation. 

Robotic process automation is a must for businesses through current times and is fast becoming a norm in the dynamic and competitive market environment. More and more businesses are going for RPA to improve organizational efficiency holistically. Going for robotic process automation will:

1. Mitigate human errors
2. Enhance the quality of products and services
3. Boost production processes
4. Streamline operations
5. Pave the way for growth of your organization

It is not only the large organizations that benefit from Robotic Process Automation, but SMEs and small businesses stand to benefit tremendously from the same as well. RPA is a money-saving arrangement because as customer queries are resolved quicker, it nurtures brand loyalty. Consult with us today to know how our RPA services can benefit your organization. 

RPA works for your organization in several ways!

The digital skillset of RPA software bots that we create is comparable to people, and the outcomes are more accurate and delivered in quicker turnaround times. RPA bots are hence frequently perceived as a digital workforce, capable of interacting with any application or system.

Just as an instance, the RPA bots that we create at VG Infotec can conduct basic operations such as copying and pasting data, parsing emails, opening and moving files, and making calculations. We also create RPA software bots for scraping web data, extracting unstructured data, connecting to APIs, and logging into programs.

Since the bots can adapt to any workflows or interface, the need to transform prevailing processes, applications or business systems for automation is not required.

It is easy to use, set up or share RPA bots. RPA bots can also be customized, cloned, scheduled, or shared for the execution of business processes all through the organization.

Prime business advantages of using RPA software bots

1. Accuracy and speed
Each time over, the assignments are accomplished in a similar way.

2. Boosts Employee Morale
Liberates the employees to focus on alternative tasks that require their intervention, as the RPA software bots take care of redundant tasks.

3. Higher Compliance Levels
High-quality deliverables boost the quality of work and make internal and external audits easy to clear.

4. Improves Productivity
RPA software bots reduce the investment of manhours for all tasks.

5. Adds to customer delight
RPA bots reduce the turnaround times and boost quality for numerous tasks across the organization.

Top industries that derive the maximum value from our RPA services

1. Insurance
2. Healthcare
3. Banking
4. Manufacturing
5. Life Sciences
6. Public Sector

Reasons to implement RPA software bots at your organization

Implementation of RPA software bots at an organization persistently boosts productivity over time and enhances the quality of processes. The measurable business benefits come in the form of lower project turnaround times, quicker deliveries, higher accuracy, and cost reduction. 

RPA boosts business outcomes such as customer satisfaction levels. By taking care of repetitive work, they boost employee engagement levels. The staff is freed to focus upon value-added work, such as conducting analysis, improving processes, and solving problems. This opens up new horizons for a business and brings new opportunities for revenue generation to the fore.

1. Higher Productivity

With the implementation of RPA software bots, there is a marked change in employee productivity. Workflows accelerate and processes can be independently executed without human intervention. In the public sector, insurance, financial services, or any other document-intensive industry, RPA bots can make claims processing and form filling hands-free.

2. Enhanced Accuracy

RPA software bots deliver 100% accuracy in their work. There is no requirement to rework the assignments and the compliance levels are close to 100%. 
As entities operating in industries such as life sciences, healthcare, and finance leverage automation using implements of RPA, they are able to achieve stringent compliance standards. Similarly, in the field of accounting, RPA delivers new opportunities, with its precision and speed, for processes such as procedure-to-pay and order-to-cash.

3. Cost savings complemented by quicker ROIs

Custom RPA software solutions that we create at VG Infotec feature an intuitive and code-free interface. This makes our solutions usable by a range of employees.
An employee is hence empowered to regain 40% of his time spent each day, which was wasted earlier over digital administrative tasks managed manually. For an industry such as healthcare, automation withholds a great deal of value, because compliant and error-free process execution is critically relevant to patient outcomes.

4. Integration Across Platforms

Replacing the prevailing systems will not be required for RPA to operate, because RPA is application agnostic. A seamless connection can hence be created across all software tools, irrespective of their department and function. This works effectively for both, back office and front office. Measurable results hence appear in the form of efficiencies that span the entire organization, and maximum value can be derived from human capital investment.

5. Customer Experiences

In the field of customer support, RPA bots simplify agents' work by managing all data entry and system work. While the call handling time reduces, there is a marked improvement in customer experience as well. In industries such as life sciences and telecommunication, RPA bots deliver the essence to customer inquiry handling. Spikes in call volumes can be smoothly responded to. 

6. Harness Artificial Intelligence (AI)

RPA opens up a range of operations for organizations when combined with AI for creating Intelligent Automation. This makes it easier for organizations to draw on 80% of organizational data that is classified as unstructured. Just as an instance, in the procedure-to-pay, invoice processing of non-standard vendor invoices can be automated. Similarly, in insurance, detecting potential fraud and extracting claims data can be automated.

7. Scalability

High volume business processes become more elastic by using RPA implements, making them adaptable to changing environments and uncertain times. RPA induces high flexibility, so the Digital Workforce may be expanded at any time that it is required. Handling of any workload, planned or unplanned hence simplifies

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