Artificial Intelligence Chatbot Development

Have you ever interacted with a chatbot? If not, you still might have heard of it for sure. If yes then you probably thought it can be of use in your business. And here you are right , as more and more companies tend to choose a new and exciting way of communicating with customers through chatbots.  
In short, a chatbot is an Artificial Intelligence software able to do certain pre-programmed tasks without human help. From its name chatbot's most obvious function is to have a conversation with human beings with very short span of time comapre to human customer supoprt. The range of tasks grows each day with each bot created. 
In business, chatbots usually play the role of customer representative. The more their responses seem like human ones the more valuable they’re for the company. 

VG Infotec - An expert in AI Chatbot Development Services

1 ) Consulting
There is no doubt that there is a direct line between AI chatbots and increased productivity and efficiency. To plot a course for high ROI, however you just can't hire the chatbot developer and assume strategy and the tactics will align you with the business objectives. 
Our seasoned chatbot development specialists are experts in conversation design , dedicated to creating a custom business driving chatbot solutions specific to your business needs/operational requirements.
2 ) Development
Well developed chatbots are the critical source of the 24/7/365 lead generation , customer service and operational streamlining. Our AI chatbot developers are experts in conversational UI , machine learning and other advanced technologies required to build the smart chatbots. 
Whether you need an independent chatbot for your website or product based solution i.e (Telegram , Facebook , Slack) we’re your partner in conversational development. 
3 ) Ongoing support and maintenance
Our chatbot experts take a deep dive into analytics to improve your chatbot conversational flow , we also ensure that the technology in both the bots and backend platforms that supports them is glitch free , secure and streamlined for optimal performance.
4 ) Independent testing
Our experienced team of independent QA experts put chatbots through a rigorous regimen to validate implementation , code security and  more. 
5 ) Privacy and security
At VG Infotec,  our user’s privacy and security holds the top most priority. Our experts put all the effort into making sure that your privacy is protected. We execute all the security measures and give our best to safeguard your data seamlessly.     

VG Infotec Chatbot Capabilities

1 ) Intent based response
2 ) Conversational AI
3 ) Channel Independent 
4 ) Secure customer interaction   
Why is chatbot development a must-have for business? 
Chatbots have a lot to offer to businesses. Below are the perks that sphere will like;
1 ) Automate customer service
Chatbots answer all the questions simply asked by your customer on a timely basis.
2 ) Tweak company image 
As the chatbots are available 24/7 potential customers can get the desired information anytime they decide to make a purchase which creates a better company image among them.
3 ) Save costs 
Chatbots costs less than app development. Not to mention , that you will save money by replacing the human factor for simple inquiries from customers. 
4 ) Stand out among competitors 
Chatbots tend to be adopted by most businesses in the near future. So being among the first ones will give you leadership in your sphere and build tech savvy customers loyalty.
5 ) Summing up
Time to redefine your business, let your business touch the sky with all the ease and convenience by adopting a new revolution named AI Chatbot. We’re excited to see you on board!