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API Development

API Development

VG Infotec is a globally renowned expert in custom API development services and integration solutions. Our core competency lies in creating APIs that are well-documented and reliable while being easy to consume. 

Through the present day era, APIs are introducing a fundamental change in how data is used. This gives rise to a range of new strategies and new business models for products.

APIs enable customization and flexible integration for the prevailing products. This puts forth new and creative ways in which developers can enhance and enrich their services.

Through our custom API development services, cooperation and data sharing among businesses are simplified, for third-party applications or custom applications. As shared workflows are accelerated and simplified, personalized experiences can be created for partners and the end customer.

At VG Infotec, we find ways in which our clients can derive the maximum value from APIs, as their significance enhances by the day. We deliver a secure and scalable API environment for our clients.

Custom API integration solutions

At VG Infotec, our custom API development solutions are end-to-end. They include development, integration, deployment, ongoing maintenance, documentation, and publishing of APIs. The development of robust API architectures that feature the best-suited security protocols is another one of our core specializations. The security protocols include features such as scalable caching proxies, single sign-on, access control dashboards, and custom key encryptions.
At VG Infotec, we also engineer API call management platforms for authenticating API calls, logging, and throttling.

Custom API integration

We always network and implement API integrations following the best practices. This includes integrating disparate business systems and adding web service functionality with the prevailing applications. We meet a range of business requirements associated with third-party and open-source APIs.

API As a Service

Developing web APIs and API as a Service (APIaaS) is one of our core areas of specialization. We make HTTP/HTTPS, Java, JSON, XML, EDI, XHTML, AJAX REST API and SOAP development services available for our clients.For the execution of API-based micro-services with custom business logic, we use HTTPS/SOAP interfaces and Docker containers.

Implementing API development solutions

For getting a preemptive resolution of issues associated with microservices, business logic, data sharing, content, and communications, we conduct the implementation of external and internal API development solutions. 
We only configure those APIs that are compatible with all types of intranet systems, search engines, databases, and mobile devices.

API development platforms

For enterprise applications, our developers come up with specialized APIs. They enable fast and easy access to web services, functionality, business logic, and app data for both legacy and new applications. Our API development services for cloud applications, desktop and mobile include developing databases, hardware/firmware, operating systems, web sockets, browsers, and service oriented architectures (SOA).

API testing automation

Designing and configuration of API integration testing platforms, and performing automated API testing are a few of our core competencies. This amounts to effective automation of different types of testing, such as runtime, load, validation, functionality, security, and UI. For performing API tests, we also use popular PI testing platforms, such as Postman.

API Development for Mobile Apps

Our API developers use a range of functions for creating APIs for your mobile apps. They include using GPS, finding map locations, scheduling appointments, paying bills, retrieving account balances, and checking data usage. The API solutions that we come up with are secure, reliable, and tested using postman and Swagger Tools. They are compliant with the OAuth 2.0 authorization protocol.

Cloud API Development

We specialize in cloud API development and our development practices are 100% safe and secure. This facilitates seamless access for users across all platforms and devices, including APIaaS, IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. Through cloud API development that we conduct, the software can request data from services via a cross-platform, vendor-specific, indirect, or direct interface. Our API developers integrate applications in the cloud using cloud-based APIs.

Best in the class third party integration services

API library development

We integrate API to social network libraries, such as Twitter and Facebook, for formulating a custom solution from your webpage. Our specialization further spans integrating APIs for reporting & analytics tools, video streaming APIs such as Youtube, and payment system APIs. This helps formulate the ideal solution for your business requirements, which comes by as a true reflection of your brand.

Google API Development Solutions

For Google Play Store Distribution, we come up with custom Google Applications using Google Play API Development. Through Google Maps API development, proprietary software may be modified for using each of the features that Google maps make available. 

Outstanding features of our API development services

Designs oriented towards higher ROIs

For ensuring that the APIs that we create deliver the highest ROIs for our clients, our business analysts give simultaneous consideration to business processes and API features.

Incremental development

Our approach towards API development is evolutionary which facilitates a safe evolution of the API functionality.

Stability and reliability

Capabilities for performance management and monitoring are embedded within the API solution architecture. Performance issues and spikes can hence be managed without slowdowns and disruptions for critical business processes.

Ease of use

We make structured and comprehensive API documentation available, which makes it easier for an external developer to use, understand and integrate APIs. Securing high API availability and envisaging informative error messages hence simplifies.

The API development process at VG Infotec


Before proceeding with development, we define system requirements in detail. This includes capturing user personas and roles and making initial technology decisions.


The design phase will determine the initial feel and look of your product. Modeling for user journey and user experience is involved. After prioritizing features, the release of the API is planned.


Progress is conducted with specifications that are development-ready and detailed, along with a similarly refined launch plan and estimates for cost and time. Our experts are then ready to execute your plan.

4. Develop

All through the product development phase, we track deployment updates and quality assurance using project management tools recommended by our clients.

VG Infotec’s API portfolio

At VG Infotec, our high-functionality and glitch-free API development services deliver efficient outcomes for 
clients’ businesses. Our work portfolio includes: 

Dropbox: Upload file, download, rename directory, delete file, rename file

Zoho:       SalesIQ, book, ticket, contacts, and all Zoho APIs
Forex:      Currency conversion
Twilio:      SMS, Voice, Video
Walmart:  Get inventory, update item, retrieve detail by SKU, and order details
Outlook:   Calendar and email 2-way connections, like compose mail, create task, delete mail
Webflow:  Update Webflow CMS, get data, update and delete
Constant  Contact: retrieve data, update and add data
Onedrive: Upload, download, rename directory/file & delete file
Aftership: Courier tracking API using Aftership
Microsoft exchange API: whole account sync as well as task
Google:    Gmail, MAP, Place, calendar, and analytic API (need Google approved access).
AWS:        Amazon web services API
MailGun:   complete, open/click/deliver tracking and analysis
Plivo:         Fastest SMS and Email API
SendGrid: Email API, bulk mail and email validation 

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  • Mukesh kept working til I was satisfied. Even though I took a long time to review and made the project significantly longer they still worked really hard to complete a professional site. Over and above the technical experties and excellence Mukesh has, his positive attitude and customer centric approach sets him apart from other developers I worked with so far. Mukesh brings out best of his abilities and delivers more than 100% to the customer satisfaction. Something that most developers don't even think about. I'll come back to Mukesh again for all my upcoming work. I thank him for being such a great professional.

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