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Custom CRM Development

Custom CRM Development

At VG Infotec, the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems that we create for your business are innovative, dynamic, versatile, and customized in the finest of ways to be the best match for your requirements. They deliver an efficient performance to meet all CRM-related requirements. VG Infotec is also the right point of contact for seamlessly integrating CRM software with your website or solution. This ensures that the data stays consistent for all users in real-time.

All CRM solutions that we create are 100% responsive. This ensures that all concerned personnel and parties can access the data at any time and from anywhere in the world using their mobile solutions such as smartphones and tablets. They can also make entries in real-time. This makes our CRM solutions exceedingly useful for sales personnel operating on the field or within retail or wholesale outlets.

Custom CRM Development Services

VG Infotec is your preferred resource for Custom CRM development services. A CRM system that we create for your business will compile, manage and analyze all customer interaction-related data. This data is derived from different sources of interaction, such as POS interaction, online interaction over chat, or sequential activities over eCommerce websites. 

This information is used to ensure the best-in-the-class, personalized customer service at all touchpoints,enhance the business relationship with customers and induce efficiency in business operation. Our CRM solutions further bring essence to business-critical decisions.

Dynamic capabilities for creating CRM solutions

Our capabilities for creating CRM solutions are versatile, innovative, and dynamic. This helps us ensure that we come up with the best-suited CRM solutions based on our client requirements. Our feature-rich solutions effectively meet the industry-related and business-related requirements that our clients expect from the solutions. 

We conduct the development of a CRM solution only after taking an in-depth overview of their business requirements, their unique market positioning, and a thorough competitor analysis. We are the right point of contact for effectively meeting any CRM-related requirements at your organization.

Top CRM related functionalities that we deliver

1. Sales

We deliver CRM solutions for your sales team to keep their sales performance consistently high. They are empowered to ensure effective management of their work hours, prioritization of leads and organization of daily schedules.

Tools for sales team collaboration and centralization of sales data, as facilitated by our CRM solutions accounts for simplification of sales workflow automation. Sales intelligence, reporting, and forecasting deliver valuable insights that may be used for strategy making. This comes to be useful in real-time and for the future as well. We also add in the finest features for lead and account management in the CRM solutions, based upon client requirements.

2. Customer engagement and marketing

We include a range of custom solutions for customer engagement and marketing in our CRM solutions. This adds essence to customer interactions across a range of touchpoints. An enhanced customer experience brings more sales and induces brand loyalty.

A few of the top customer engagement and marketing features included in our CRM solutions include features for customer segmentation, digital advertising, social media marketing, and email marketing.

3. Customer service

Our CRM solutions aid with a quicker resolution of customer cases and add to the end customer delight.They enable multi-channel case management for businesses, along with intelligent case routing from multiple communication channels. We also include the finest features for field service management within our custom CRM solutions.

4. Billing

Our custom CRM solutions automate the processes involved with quoting. This saves human hours and results in quick solution without much delay.

The top billing-related features that we incorporate in our CRM solutions based on customer requirements include complex quote generation which is defined by predefined data, such as discounts, optional features, and quantity. Similarly, opportunities for cross-selling and upselling can be detected automatically.

5. Order fulfillment

Our custom CRM solutions induce quick and accurate deliveries and order fulfillment. This simplifies managing higher order volumes for our clients.

Top features for order fulfillment included in our custom CRM solutions include omnichannel order management and support for dropshipping orders. Packing slips can be auto-generated, and intelligent order allocation can be conducted for the warehouses located closest to the end consumer. 

6. Portals

We create interactive, easy to use and aesthetic portals that boost the end customer online experience. They reduce the customer service workload by encouraging opportunities for self-service. We only come up with 100% branded self-service or customer service portals for our clients. This makes your brand come by as reliable and induces customer retention.

Among the top features of customer service portals that we create include features for order management and placement, and customer service request submission.

Top features of our custom CRM development services

1. Business Analytics

Following a thorough investigation of your business objectives, we come up with highly workable and feasible suggestions addressing the prevailing bottlenecks through our CRM solutions. 

2. CRM development

We only come up with CRM solutions that are 100% personalized to be the best match for your business requirements. We create CRM solutions from scratch for our clients and are also the right point of contact for customizing a CRM solution that you currently use at your organization.

3. Quality assurance

A CRM solution that we deliver for your business is a mark of quality assurance. We deliver the projects to our clients within the stipulated timelines after end-to-end testing. This ensures that the solution operates efficiently and flawlessly over time. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and never mind going that extra mile to meet clients’ custom requirements.

4. Data migration

We are the right point of contact for ensuring seamless data migration from legacy CRM or spreadsheets. We conduct data deployment using services such as AWS Cloud, Google cloud and IBM cloud. Our services ensure that the odds of data loss or corruption are done away with, and the effect over your live business processes stays at an absolute minimum. 

5. Production rollout

Our services include a seamless installation of the custom CRM solution within your network or server, such that your staff can derive the maximum value from its capabilities. This is facilitated by tools such as github, gitlab and bitbucket for maintaining version control and release rollout throughout the production pipeline.

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