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Machine Learning And AI

Machine Learning and AI

We ease, automate and speed up operational processes through the implements of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) that we deliver for your business. With the operational efficiency and growth that we bring forth for our clients, breakthrough results invariably seem to follow.

Our AI and ML solutions holistically transform your business for the future!

Consult with us today, and we will share the meticulous ways in which AI and ML solutions will deliver the finest outcomes for your business. Our solutions create personalized customer experiences for your customers. By automating processes, we change how customers interact with your products. We also come up with models that serve your business requirements in the finest of ways. Our core areas of specialization are TenserFlow, NLP, data science, deep learning, AI for social good, decision making, and data driven products. 

Advantages of our AI/ML solutions

By organizing your data jungle, we extract insights and create predictive systems which yield a persistent improvement in businesses processes.

1. Higher workflow productivity

2. Reduction in human errors

3. Quicker decisions driven by data

4. Minimum odds of data fraud

How our AI/ML solutions work for your organization

We implement complex AI/ML algorithms that deliver the finest of results for your organization. The algorithms are formulated strategically by our developers, based on your dataset. While our services help overcome core challenges, they bring several fresh business opportunities to the fore.

1. Machine Learning

We specialize in the creation and deployment of Machine Learning Lifecycle, end-to-end, within your system. When you hire our Machine Learning developers, they automate tasks to boost productivity by establishing ML models. Our developers also innovatively integrate the ML Models with your prevailing processes over an enterprise-ready, secure platform. This simplifies managing the entire system.

2. Chatbot Development

At VG Infotec, our developers come up with sophisticated and intelligent chatbot solutions based on your business requirements. We specialize in both, creating chatbots for internal use or for your clients. Our services for chatbot development are also powered by our in-depth know-how about the plugins, APIs, and frameworks that deliver the finest results for specific use cases.

3. Data-driven IoT

ML empowers us to derive business insights from IoT data. Our clients are hence able to structure and analyze data at scale using the implements of AI and ML, and developing smart, intuitive devices are simplified. Data capturing, analysis & processing, engineering, and visualization are a few of our top data-driven IoT solutions.

4. Image Processing

By integrating neural networks within your environment, our services put machines in a position to overcome text translation-related issues. Our deep learning services deploy data to the edge or the cloud, scaleup your operations and optimize the production environment.

5. Data Mining

Within the data mining techniques, there are algorithms for an in-depth exploration of data. They structure the data into appropriate models, which yields insights for making business-critical decisions. When we conduct data mining, the primary goal is the extraction of information. This transforms the information into an understandable and proper model, such that it can be put to use in real-time.

6. Natural Language Processing (NLP)

In NLP, there are statistical techniques that identify the different aspects of speech such as parts of entities, text, and sentiments. Our services leverage NLP for setting up algorithms that work across large data sets and extract their meaning. This creates an unsupervised machine learning experience. 

Achieve new business milestones with our AI and ML services

Our ML development services transform the dynamics of your data. We create and deploy unique ML models at all scales. As successful AI & ML features are implemented across your business, it helps overcome all complexities in your growing path.

Our AI/ML solutions span across industries

1. Retail

Using NLP and smart analytics, our AI & ML services empower retail stores to support their customers instantly and promote matchless shopping experiences. Top AI solutions for retail include behavioral analytics, digital assistance, virtual trial rooms, and digital rack.

2. Banking

Using AI & ML algorithms, banks are empowered to automate their knowledge base and workforce. The algorithms further put financial organizations in a better position to fight cyber and network risk. AI & ML algorithms yield a competitive edge for financial institutions and induce cost and operational efficiencies by leveraging machine and human capabilities. 

3. Healthcare

The most important potential benefit of AI is that it enhances community and individual healthcare. Proactive management of a healthier lifestyle is achieved through the implements of AI, by promoting healthy behaviors. An important example of AI in healthcare is wearable devices for seniors that aid with an early-stage diagnosis of health conditions. 

4. Workforce Management and HR

The benefits of HR technology are not just short-term, but long-term as well. By aiding with predicting outcomes, AI helps SMEs and large enterprises alike with curbing talent attrition. Similarly, through resume analysis, it can be identified that which candidates can potentially deliver the most significant outputs for an organization.

5. Real Estate

As AI is utilized in the real estate industry, operational tasks’ efficiency enhances and the decision-making process also undergoes a transformation. AI comes to be useful in a wide range of areas, such as asset management, property management, property valuation, peer-to-peer transactions, simplifying collaboration, facility management, and supply chain management.

6. Tourism

A range of AI implements stand to significantly benefit the travel and tourism industry. They include recommendation engine, hotel pricing forecast, flight fare, intelligent travel assistants, customer support processes, optimizing disruption management, UX personalization for airlines, creating tailored offers for MVCs, and sentiment analysis over social media.

Steps for creating ML Models for your business

1. Set up a goal

2. Capture the existing data

3. Visualize the data pipeline

4. Development and deployment of data models

5. Enhanced search relevance

6. Coming up with an ideally suited model

Our AI & ML development services infuse value within your business

When your business adapts to the functionalities of AI and ML services that we deliver, it scales new heights. Data gathering is the first step involved with our machine learning model’s deployment. This diffuses automation throughout the system.

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