Blockchain Development & Solution Provider Company

VG Infotec team is driven to create seamless customized blockchain development solutions for a number of industries such as gaming, healthcare, education, banking & finance, logistics & supply chain management. With our experience in developing blockchain apps for all industries under one roof we deliver specialized services with outstanding end products that are scalable & has long term ROI for our clients.

VG Infotec is blockchain development company that has the expertise to design enterprise-grade decentralized applications and smart contracts suitable with distributed ledger for all industries.

Our approach is very different. We offer one-stop solution for your blockchain application needs and make sure you reap maximum benefits from our full stack solutions including development of smart contracts ,digital wallets, web applications & mobile applications, Private secure Blockchain along with ICO advisory services .What sets us apart is our ability to deliver customised solutions across industries depending upon clients’ requirements.

Our Blockchain Developer’s are highly experienced with Solidity(developed to target the Ethereum Virtual Machine-EVM), Ethereum Platform, Hyperledger, Litecoin, Monero, Open Chain, Security Tokens, Quorum, Stellar, R3 CORDA, EOS and TRON.

We are a leading blockchain solution provider company with hands-on experience in the development of peer to peer platforms and smart contracts for all industries including supply chain management, corporate compliance and financial services. Our expertise lies in exponential scaling systems and we have helped hundreds of clients build dApps, Automation, NFT, ERC-20 & ERC-721 that are responsive, secure and scalable.

At VG Infotec, we offer blockchain app development services that will help you build your decentralized application (dApp development)on top of any blockchain protocol such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, dApp development frameworks like Truffle etc. We rely on innovative technologies to deliver industry-leading solutions. Our team comprises highly experienced professionals equipped with skills to create technical architecture for blockchain applications. We also provide assistance in finding the right consensus protocol (Proof Of Work Vs. Proof Of Stake etc.) for each project

If you're just getting started in blockchain development, framework selection is very important. Development of a full-fledged dApp requires various pieces of blockchain technology. Blockchain frameworks include many of the required features and provide easy to use plugin systems. We are highly proficient with diverse blockchain development frameworks like Truffle, Hardhat, Brownie, Embark, OpenZeppelin SDK, Create Eth App, Scaffold-Eth(Ethers.js + HARDHAT + React components with hooks for web3), The Graph, Etherlime, Dapptools, Hyperledger Avalon, Cactus, Hyperledger Caliper, Hyperledger Cello, Hyperledger Explorer, eosio-explorer, eosio-toppings, EOSIO Quickstart Web IDE, EOSIO-helm nodes via Kubernetes andDemux backend infrastructure  

  • We've used VG Infotec for a number of projects over the last two years including the creation of a front end dashboard and website to give our clients an industry leading experience and we're currently working on an exciting app development project with the team.

  • Mukesh & VG team was an absolute pleasure to work with! He quickly understood the vision and needs of my company, and suggested and then custom built our custom CRM and created complex automations for our website. Him and his team are professional, quick, and efficient in their amazing work.

  • VG Infotec is quick, available 24*7 and automated my system, capable to understand any concept, great work done Recommend to all.

  • Team VG Infotec is energetic and they can conquer anything. Starting from our aws server to voice calls and video calls with amazing admin panel and CRM, we got extraordinary software services and server infrastructure setup by this amazing team. They are available 24*7 for all short of critical operation when it comes to live system. Apart form many good things, the most I like is, developers team took my work as their own and as end results I got amazing system. I'm absolutely happy and recommend team VG to all.

  • VG Infotec kept working til I was satisfied. Even though I took a long time to review and made the project significantly longer they still worked really hard to complete a professional site. Over and above the technical experties and excellence VG Infotec has, VG Team have positive attitude and customer centric approach sets them apart from other developers I worked with so far. VG VG Infotec brings out best of their abilities and delivers more than 100% to the customer satisfaction. Something that most developers don't even think about. I'll come back to Mukesh again for all my upcoming work. I thank him for being such a great professional.