SaaS Development

Software as a service (SaaS) is, through the current times, among the most preferred business models for the high ROIs that it provides for the vendors and the users alike. This makes using the SaaS model a win-win situation for all parties involved. 

The SaaS business model is versatile and makes solutions available for a range of industries including the finance, entertainment, and software development industry. Examples of the SaaS business model are present in nearly all niches that we currently come across.

VG Infotec: The specialist in SaaS Application development services

SaaS Business-model Consultation

Beyond our expertise in coming up with high efficiency, reliable, and best suited SaaS applications for our clients, we also specialize in SaaS consultation services. Our clients merely share their business idea with us, and we recommend ways about how we can develop SaaS apps that put their dreams to materialization. Each of our SaaS development projects initiates after an in-depth consultation with the clients - understanding their business requirements in detail, taking an overview of the unique circumstances surrounding their business, and a thorough competitor analysis. We always recommend only the latest, cutting edge technologies for coming up with a SaaS solution for our clients, which yield efficiency and reliability for their apps, and prime results for their business. 

SaaS development solutions

We thrive in the expertise of our developers who have in-depth know-how and live working experience using the varied technologies that are used for SaaS development. Our SaaS development processes are end-to-end and range from market research to prototype, technology selection, flow preparation, and product launch. Our developers also have strong work experience creating the best-suited SaaS apps across domains based on client requirements. 

Migration of SaaS platform

For deriving the maximum value from the best and new industry trends, our experts will migrate your old SaaS app to an entirely different technology stack.

Tracking Performance Metrics

Quality Analytics comprises an important part of our SaaS development processes. We track the performance of your SaaS app seamlessly using the most efficient testing paradigms. This puts us in a position to overcome all barriers such as clogged network or bandwidth limitations.

SaaS Mobile Platform

You can also contact us for creating a mobile platform. Our SaaS mobile platform services come to be exceedingly useful for clients that have an elaborate mobile user base. We have expertise across create iOS and Android native apps. We also create hybrid apps with our expertise across technologies such as React Native.

Privacy and Security

At VG Infotec, we only come up with ethical business models wherein we pay the utmost regard to the users' privacy and security and your SaaS product. We correspondingly use the ideally suited network and data security measures and implement them seamlessly within your SaaS apps.

IaaS Application Development

Specialists in cloud infrastructure at VG Infotec are thorough with platform protocols used for offering cloud services, such as implementation, migration, and servicing protocols, including XHTML, SOAP, and REST.

Ongoing Maintenance and Support

Our maintenance and support services continue following development as well. This ensures that your SaaS apps upkeep a prime performance over time, and operate with the latest OS updates. 

Road-Map for SaaS Application Development


We initiate all SaaS development projects after getting a thorough understanding of clients' business plans. This empowers us to come up with the best-suited SaaS apps for their requirements.

Competitor Analysis

An in-depth competitor analysis before creating SaaS apps puts us in a position to recognize what delivers success in the market. Then, we use those ideas for coming up with SaaS apps that ensure a high market positioning for our clients and yields success for their business. All SaaS apps that we create are 100% customized to be the best match for client requirements.

Functionalities and features

We discuss in detail with our clients about the features and functionalities that they want their SaaS apps to have, and also consult over the features that are best suited for their business app. We further ensure that the SaaS app that we come up with has all the top-performing features and functionalities that a client requires. We also share organized documentation for the SaaS app, such that the client can be thorough with our products.

UI/UX & Prototyping

All SaaS apps that we create have state-of-the-art design features. While they feature the best-in-the-class functionality, they are oriented towards the end-user. They are aesthetic, easy to navigate, and feature an intuitive UI/UX.

Choosing the best-suited technology stack

We take care of the technicalities involved with the SaaS apps for our clients in all cases. Our clients merely share the business idea with us, and our proficient developers are in a position to select the best-suited technology stack based on client requirements.


We share a blueprint of the SaaS app that we'd create, with the client, before its development. It is only following the client's approval that we go ahead with the app development processes. We deliver the finest, high-performing, reliable, and secure SaaS apps for our clients in the stipulated timelines, following end-to-end QA and testing procedures.

Prime features of SaaS apps delivered by VG Infotec

Best methods and practices

We use Agile Methodology for developing SaaS apps for our clients. This reduces project turnaround times and makes the apps efficient, while the testing procedures simplify. This also enables us to incorporate client feedback at any stage within the project. We only use cutting-edge technologies for creating SaaS apps. This keeps the apps up-to-date and boosts their performance, to deliver the finest outcomes for your business.

On-time delivery

At VG Infotec, our efficient and organized work processes ensure that we are able to deliver the apps within the pre-decided timelines for our clients. The apps operate flawlessly and yield higher revenues for the clients. 

Transparent work processes

While the SaaS app development processes last, we keep the client updated with our progress through methods such as Skype, emails, and phone calls. This helps ensure that the communication gaps do not hamper the app development.

Competitive Pricing

Our best in the class services are made available at the best prices in the industry. They are made available for startups, SMBs, and enterprise-grade organizations operating across domains

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