Design and Develop School Management Software aka LMS

Design and Develop School Management Software aka LMS

Learning management systems (LMS) help you deliver training materials and organize skills development within your organization. We developed school management software for a Qatar base language learning academy and provided features like schedule classes, create events and calendars, schedule future batches, manage inquiry/leads, import bulk students/teachers/parents and users, upload e-learning materials, school fees management, hostel management, and detail analysis reports for admin.
10 Most Important LMS Features for Your E-Learning Program

1. Track student progress

2. Certificate management for years

3. Mobile/Home learning

4. Notifications and feedback

5. Online payment collection

6. Attendance and daily work tracking

7. Teacher and parents management

8. Library and Hostel management

9. Detailed feedback analysis and updates

10. Online exams and results

By using codeigniter, bootstrap, html5, css3, ajax, jquery and lots of code lines, we successfully designed, developed and tested software with school and academy.

With weeks of coding and hours of demonstration to  school and academy administration, finally we reached to manage whole school/academy/college online without any issues.

Hard to assign multiple classes to a teacher and multiple teachers to a class because of its nature of result upload and attendance fill-up connectivity. Nothing is impossible with custom codeigniter, bootstrap, html5, css3, ajax, jquery.