School Management System

School Management System

School Management System

About Project

We developed school management software for a Qatar base language learning academy and provided features like schedule classes, create events and calendars, schedule future batches, manage inquiry/leads, import bulk students/teachers/parents and users, upload e-learning materials, school fees management, hostel management, and detail analysis reports for admin.
10 Most Important LMS Features for Your E-Learning Program

1. Track student progress

2. Certificate management for years

3. Mobile/Home learning

4. Notifications and feedback

5.Online payment collection

6. Attendance and daily work tracking

7. Teacher and parents management

8. Library and Hostel management

9. Detailed feedback analysis and updates

10. Online exams and results

Project Information

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Project Features

Admissions / Waiting List menu

Dashboard – News & Events, Announcements, Info tips

Data Snapshots

Students Statistics

Student Menu,

Student information

Student contact

Student Attendance

Other info

Parents Menu,

Parents information

Parents contact

Other info

Human Resource Menu

Staff Information

Staff Contact

Staff Attendance

Staff Roles

Staff Attendance


Attendance Reports

Attendance Updates

Payroll Menu

Staff Salaries Management

Timetable Menu

Staff Class allocation

Student class allocation

Grading criteria

Gradebook Setup

Assessment Premium / Report Cards


Periodic Attendance

Curriculum Mapping

Student Attendance

Attendance Update

Daily Attendance

Periodic Attendance

Teams or Houses

Sports Day Teams

Activities Club teams

Activity Management

Student Activities Management


After School Programs or Activities

Inquiry Menu

Online Inquires

School Visitors Log book

Learning & Behavior Management

Student Behavior Records



Communication module

Allows to send SMS to parents, students, staff in bulk/group

Group emails for staff, students and, parents and transport students/parents.


School Wide contact directory for all suppliers, customers

Asset Register and help desk

Asset management

Work orders/requests

Transport requests

Alumni Module

Enables us to maintain Alumni data

Donation Companies

Fee Administration

Fee collection

Fee Schedules




Visitors Logbook

Online Enquiries

General Ledger and Budgeting

Maintains ledgers



Accounting Setup

Inventory Module

Maintains stock items for all products and all stores school has

Bills Payable

Reoccurring bills

Utility bills payment

Requisitions and Purchasing

Requesting purchases

Posting Invoices for approvals

Supplier Payments

Regular payments for Suppliers

Payments for supplies used on daily basis

Point of Sales

Store Selling Management

Staff Leave management

Daily leave

Emergency leave

Annual leave to be requested from this module

Learning Support

After school support services


School Calendar(s) of events Management


School’s document Management system to store all the related files, forms in one place


Library circulation

Books Management

Inventory Management

History of borrowing

Library search

Search books available in school’s library

News and Events

Available at dashboard

News posted by dates


Search Staff or students or Venues if they are free or which place they can be found


Settings menu for the setup of the whole system


Bus List

Students List by bus

Curriculum Library

Curriculum Maps

Per grade

Per subject

Per week, month & year

Customer Transactions

Transaction for customers who are not parents

Customer Payments


Emergency Report

Shows all staff or students for the current date absent or present


We provided online live classes with remote login/access from home and content management system as well as online student inquiry/lead and conversation tracking.

  • Online Live Classes
  • Exclusive Design
  • Student Lead Management
  • Attendance management
  • Bulk SMS/Email and Event share

Apart from a lot helpful features here we are sharing most important outcome of leaning management system we builded.  While we developed and deployed this system, immediately after few days world has shown worst ever covid-19 coron virus thus remote education from home by online live classes became huge + and our system helps students and teachers to run classes from home

  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy Access
  • Progress Tracking
  • Easy Management
  • Best for Principle and Admins to Manage everything Easily without Teasing Anyone