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Connecting with People

About Project

Behind every successful person there is always a great Mentor, do you have one? Mecomi gives you an opportunity to interact with great mentors and successful people. Mecomi App helps you find a private freelance coach near your area. Choose the Personal, Business, Skilled, Spiritual Coaches & time slot as per your preferences without any risk. Specially design app to bringing you powerful connections. We strive to bring you awareness to choose your right skilled mentor.

VG Infotec designs and develops a website to connect with Someone who wants you to grow.

Project Information

  • Category: Social Enterprise.
  • Status: Complete
  • Date: 10 June 2021
  • Website:
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Project Features

Provide offers like

  • Mecomi provides you a call scheduling option in its app.
  • In App there is waiting list option,where you will find all people waiting to contact you.
  • Well-Designed gratification content that is easy to use.
  • Withdraw your earnings depends on your convenience.
  • We respect your privacy so your chat would be kept private.
  • Excellent app with full responsibility for each and every action and performance.

For kids and toddlers, too, called let’s grow website to understand all things online easily.

  • Flow performance Assessment & Alignment Session
  • FlowSelf Challenge
  • Soft Skills Embodiment
  • Leverage your new abilities

VG Infotec provide website for training for youth Difference Makers

  • Practical & Experiential
  • Scientific & Innovative
  • Gamification Approach
  • Real Life Applicability