E-Learning for Kids

E-Learning for Kids

About Project

Children will love everything about ATM International English online home.

It’s a free public service to teach children to read, to make conversation.ATM also emphasizes Vocabulary awareness, systematic sequential phonics, and common sight words.

ATM English is an educational alternative to other entertainment choices for children and is especially effective for conversation education, homeschooling, and English language development.

To make the learning fun VG Infotec presents the website as an e-learning journey; while acquiring all the new functionality to make learning simplest to kids.

VG Infotec design and develop features like Vocabulary, Phonics learning for kids, and also Conversation education and homework checking.

Project Information

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Project Features

Provide offers like

  • Vocabulary and Phonics learning.
  • Conversation Education
  • Homework Checking Program
  • Well-Designed gratification content that is easy to use.
  • Targeting the specific age group, and exciting to look for children.
  • Bright colors and sounds will capture the attention of children

For kids and toddlers, too, called let’s grow website to understand all things online easily.

  • Flow performance Assessment & Alignment Session
  • FlowSelf Challenge
  • Soft Skills Embodiment
  • Leverage your new abilities

VG Infotec provide website for training for youth Difference Makers

  • Practical & Experiential
  • Scientific & Innovative
  • Gamification Approach
  • Real Life Applicability