Futuristic Training Academy

Futuristic Training Academy

Futuristic Training Academy

About Project

master-in.me are a futuristic training academy. they evolutionary program implements the most progressive Peak Performance tools, technology and methodology to success proof the future of our students and corporate clients.

VG Infotec design and develop features like programs for student, talents,  blog and student and reciter registration for providing online training and prepare grading based on that.

Project Information

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Project Features

Provide offers like

  • FlowSelf Breath
  • FlowSelf Session
  • FlowSelf Mastery program
  • Training Program

For student and recruiter provide website to understand all thing online easily .

  • Flowformance Assessment & Alignment Session
  • FlowSelf Challenge
  • Soft Skills Embodiment
  • Leverage your new abilities

VG Infotec provide website for training for youth Difference Makers

  • Practical & Experiential
  • Scientific & Innovative
  • Gamification Approach
  • Real Life Applicability