Bankroll Gambling

Bankroll Gambling

Bankroll Gambling

About Project

JTK Company provide player add their bankroll and play according that player can create there shared account and generate room based on that and another player can join that room and play according available zone and time access.

VG Infotec design and develop features like tickets for player, add bank roll,  create room and join that room.

Project Information

  • Status: Complete
  • Date: 08 Mar, 2018
  • Webite: Bankroll Gambling
  • Project Features
  • Solution
  • Result
Project Features

Provide offers like

  • Deposit amount
  • Withdraw amount
  • Calculate expense
  • Bonus
  • Manage Bankroll

For student and recruiter provide website to understand all thing online easily .

  • Manage bankroll
  • Filter data
  • Check history
  • Notes

VG Infotec provide website for training for youth Difference Makers

  • Active/Inactive Site
  • Mange sites
  • Manage room
  • Manage Group
  • Real Life Applicability